1. The representational structure of linguistic understanding
    Inquiry (forthcoming) preprint
  2. Effective filtering: Language comprehension and testimonial entitlement
    The Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming) preprint
  3. Waiting for a digital therapist: Three challenges on the path to psychotherapy delivered by artificial intelligence (with Mateusz Hohol)
    Frontiers in Psychiatry (2023) preprint
  4. Therapeutic conversational artificial intelligence and the acquisition of self-understanding (Commentary) (with Mateusz Hohol)
    The American Journal of Bioethics (2023) preprint
  5. The justification of comprehension-based beliefs
    Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2022) preprint
  6. The process of linguistic understanding
    Synthese (2021) preprint
  7. Understanding a communicated thought (with J. Adam Carter and Emma C. Gordon)
    Synthese (2021) preprint
  8. On the cognitive role of singular thoughts (with Bartłomiej Czajka)
    Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2017) preprint

In progress

  • A paper about belief revision in psychotherapy (Under review)
  • A paper about mental health chatbots (with Mateusz Hohol) (Under review)